Our Mission...

Bring people together and showcase what community is all about.

Teach safety and awareness while having fun.

Involve everyone wanting to be apart of our ever-growing community of Esk8’s, EUC, Scooters and all PEV’s.

Find the Sticker!

  To kick off Esk8AZ we are giving away a 

 Coast RL27R 1000 Lumen Headlamp!

All you have to do is find a Esk8az.com sticker on a lamp post in the marked area, Snap a photo of it and post it in our Telegram! 

Once it’s been found we will announce the winner here.

Looking for a new Path?

Take a look at the Valley Trail Maps! Each of these paths are handpicked for the best riding experience with little offroading* however some may be suggested to ride with CloudWheels or Pneumatics for the best riding experience. 


*All paths that have dirt or rough patches will be starred for our non-offroad participants.


Want a free sticker? Find me in the Telegram or on the paths!

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