Marcus Manoff

Mesa, Az

Who am I?


  • Father of 2, born and raised in Mesa. I work as a Systems Engineer II and some of my hobbies are all things technology, longboarding and enjoying time with my family.


How did I get into Esk8?

  • I recently went full force into Esk8 in Nov 22′ after owning a Boosted Mini X. After a solid year off I felt the need to get back into it.


What do I currently ride?


What else is in my collection?

  • Backfire Zealot with Cloud Wheels 120
  • Exway Flex with Cloud Wheels 105D


What are my favorite spots to ride?

  • It really depends on where I am heading. Tempe Town Lake for top speeds, Scottsdale Greenbelt for curves. Pretty much any place I can avoid a car, I will be there.


Is there a board you are wanting to add to your collection?

  • Currently I am still learning on what is going to be the right board for me so the table is open for opinions!

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